Design of a Synchronous Reluctance Motor with New Hybrid Lamination Rotor Structure

صفحه 243-252
R. Rouhani؛ S.E. Abdollahi؛ A. Gholamian


Model Predictive Control of Linear Induction Motor Drive with End Effect Consideration

صفحه 253-262
P. Hamedani؛ S. Sadr


An Improved Approach to Blind Image Steganalysis using an Overlapping Blocks Idea

صفحه 263-276
V. Sabeti


Development of Wind Turbine Fault Analysis Setup based on DFIG Hardware in the Loop Simulator

صفحه 277-290
M. Kamarzarrin؛ M.H. Refan؛ P. Amiri؛ A. Dameshghi


Design Optimization of the Delta-Shape Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Electric Vehicle Application

صفحه 291-300
S. Nasr؛ B. Ganji؛ M. Moallem


PAPR Reduction in OFDM UOWC System employing Repetitive Clipping and Filtering (RCF) method

صفحه 301-310
B. Norsabbaghi؛ G. Baghersalimi؛ A. Pouralizadeh؛ O. Mohammadian


Centrality and Latent Semantic Feature Random Walk (CSRW) in Large Network Embedding

صفحه 311-326
M. Taherparvar؛ F. Ahmadi Abkenari؛ P. Bayat


Mutual Coupling Reduction in MIMO Microstrip Antenna by Designing a Novel EBG with a Genetic Algorithm

صفحه 327-334
R. Shirmohamadi؛ M. Bod؛ G. Dadashzadeh


Brand New Categories of Cryptographic Hash Functions: A Survey

صفحه 335-354
B. Sefid-Dashti؛ J. Salimi Sartakhti؛ H. Daghigh


Modeling transport in graphene-metal contact and verifying transfer length method characterization

صفحه 355-362
B. Khosravi Rad؛ M. Khaje؛ A. Eslami Majd


Actor Double Critic Architecture for Dialogue System

صفحه 363-372
Y. Saffari؛ J. Salimi Sartakhti


Design of Miniaturized Microstrip Antenna with Semi-fractal Structure for GPS/GLONASS/Galileo Applications

صفحه 373-382
S. Komeylian؛ M. Tayarani؛ S.H. Sedighi


GSM based Water Salinity Monitoring System for Water Gate Management in Salt Farms

صفحه 383-390
M. D. Enriquez؛ A. P. N. Abella


1WQC pattern scheduling to minimize the number of physical qubits

صفحه 391-398
E. Nikahd؛ M. Houshmand؛ M. Houshmand


New platform for IoT Application Management based on fog computing

صفحه 399-408
S. Kalantary؛ J. Akbari Torkestani؛ A. Shahidinejad


DPRSMR: Deep Learning-based Persian Road Surface Marking Recognition

صفحه 409-418
S. H. Safavi؛ M. Sadeghi؛ M. Ebadpour


Determination of the Maximum Dynamic Range of Sinusoidal Frequencies in a Wireless Sensor Network with Low Sampling Rate

صفحه 419-432
A. Maroosi؛ H. Khaleghi Bizaki


A New Low-Stress Boost Converter with Soft-Switching and Using Coupled-Inductor Active Auxiliary Circuit

صفحه 433-442
M. A. Latifzadeh؛ P. Amiri؛ H. Allahyari؛ H. Faezi


A New Hybrid NMF-based Infrastructure for Community Detection in ‎Complex Networks

صفحه 443-458
M. Ghadirian؛ N. Bigdeli


Revised Estimations for Cost and Success Probability of GNR-Enumeration

صفحه 459-480
A. R. Payandeh؛ G. R. Moghissi

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