A Multi-Aspect Semi-Automated Service Identification Method

صفحه 1-20
S. Hekmat؛ S. Parsa؛ B. Vaziri


Reinforcement Learning-based Load Controller in IP Multimedia Subsystems

صفحه 21-32
M. Khazaei


Feasibility of Digital Circuit Design based on Nanoscale Field-Effect Bipolar Junction Transistor

صفحه 33-40
A. Shokri؛ M. Amirmazlaghani


Fast and Power Efficient Signed/Unsigned RNS Comparator & Sign Detector

صفحه 41-50
Z. Torabi؛ Armin Belghadr


Depth Estimation and Deblurring from a Single Image using an Optimized-throughput Coded Aperture

صفحه 51-64
M. Masoudifar؛ H. R. Pourreza


Fabrication of Micro Glass Spherical Resonator by Chemical Foaming Process (CFP)

صفحه 65-74
M. Kookhaee؛ A. Khooshehmehri؛ A. Eslami Majd


Design and fabrication of Coaxial Plasma Waveguide Filter with the ability to reconfigure the Frequency band

صفحه 75-84
S.H. Mohseni Armaki؛ M. Tohidlo؛ M. Kazerooni


A Novel Architecture based on Business Intelligence Approach to Exploit Big Data

صفحه 85-102
M. R. Behbahani Nejad؛ H. Rashidi


Pattern Measurement of Large Antenna by Sequential Sampling Method in Cylindrical Near-Field Test

صفحه 103-118
M. Karimipour


Indicators for Determining Salt Harvest Time Based on Salinity and Liquid Viscosity using Microcontroller

صفحه 119-128
A. Saleh؛ A.S. Arifin


Improved Bilinear Balanced Truncation for Order Reduction of the ‎High-Order Bilinear System Based on Linear Matrix Inequalities ‎

صفحه 129-140
H. Nasiri Soloklo؛ N. Bigdeli


Improving the Classification of MPSK and MQAM Modulations by using Optimized Nonlinear Preprocess in Flat Fading Channels

صفحه 141-152
I. Kadoun؛ H. Khaleghi


Performance Analysis and Modeling of a Variable Reluctance Speed Sensor for Turbomachinery applications.

صفحه 153-160
A. Nejadmalayeri؛ P. Yousefi؛ M. Safaei


A Novel Full-duplex Relay Selection and Resource Management in Cooperative SWIPT NOMA Networks

صفحه 161-172
M.B. Noori Shirazi؛ M.R. Zahabi


Object Detection by a Hybrid of Feature Pyramid and Deep Neural Networks

صفحه 173-182
S.M. Notghimoghadam؛ H. Farsi؛ S. Mohamadzadeh


Displacement Effects on the Electrical Characteristics of a Single-Molecule Device

صفحه 183-188
E. Rahimi؛ S. Dorouki


An Ultra-low Power Ternary Multi-digit Adder Applies GDI Method for Binary Operations

صفحه 189-202
N. Ahmadzadeh Khosroshahi؛ M. Dehyadegari؛ F. Razaghian


An Approach for Evaluating Incentive Policy of Wind Resources Considering the Uncertainties in the Deregulated Power Market

صفحه 203-216
M. Tolou Askari


Novel Ultra-Low-Power Mirrored Folded-Cascode Transimpedance Amplifier

صفحه 217-228
S. Sadeghi؛ M. Nayeri؛ M. Dolatshahi؛ A. Moftakharzadeh


Robust Linear Parameter Varying Fault Reconstruction of Wind Turbine Pitch Actuator using Second-order Sliding Mode Observer

صفحه 229-241
M. Mousavi؛ M. Ayati؛ M.R. Hairi-Yazdi؛ S. Siahpour

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