Joint Improvement of Spectral and Energy Efficiency in Energy Harvesting Based Cognitive Radio Networks

صفحه 1-16
M. Sadeghian Kerdabadi؛ R. Ghazizadeh؛ H. Farrokhi


Modeling and Analysis of Flat Double-sided Linear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator by Magnetic Equivalent Circuit

صفحه 17-24
S. Niknafs؛ A. Shiri؛ S. Bagheri


On Multiple Objective of Software Rejuvenation Models with Several Policies

صفحه 25-36
Z. Rahmani Ghobadi؛ H. Rashidi؛ S. H. Alizadeh


Design and Fabrication of Hemispherical Shell Resonator by Glass Blowing Method

صفحه 37-46
A. Khooshehmehri؛ A. Eslami Majd؛ S. A. Hosseini


Int-TAR: An Intelligent Thermal-Aware Routing Algorithm for 3D NoC

صفحه 47-56
Z. Shirmohammadi؛ M. Mahmoudi؛ M. Rostamnezhad


Presenting New Methods for Improving the Ant-Miner Algorithm

صفحه 57-74
H. Nosrati Nahook؛ S. Tabatabaei


Parallel Louvain Community Detection Algorithm Based on Dynamic Thread Assignment on Graphic Processing Unit

صفحه 75-88
M. Mohammadi؛ M. Fazlali؛ M. Hosseinzadeh


A SOGI-PLL-Based Feedback-Feedforward Control System for Three-Phase Dynamic Voltage Restorer in the Distribution Grid

صفحه 89-100
R. Nasrollahi؛ H. Feshki Farahani؛ M. Asadi؛ M. Farhadi-Kangarlu؛ P. Amiri


A Novel Analog Predistortion Linearizer Based on a Schottky diode for Communication Applications

صفحه 101-106
R. Karimzadeh Baee؛ A. Rahati Belabad؛ H. Moazzen؛ A. Ahmadi


A Review on Reliable Data Transport Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

صفحه 107-122
S. Shams Shamsabad Farahani


Voltage Control of Flexible-Joint Robot Manipulators using Singular Perturbation Technique for Model Order Reduction

صفحه 123-142
H. Hooshmand؛ M. M. Fateh


Construction of Side Channel Attack Resistant S-Boxes Using Genetic Algorithms Based on Coordinate Functions

صفحه 143-152
B. Khadem؛ S. Rajavzadeh


Magnetic Force Calculation of Movable YBCO Superconducting Helical Coils Applicable to Electric Vehicles Wireless Power Transfer

صفحه 153-162
M. Alizadeh Pahlavani؛ A. Dehestani Kolagar؛ I. Soltani


A Computational-Cognitive Model of Visual Attention in Dynamic Environments

صفحه 163-174
A. Bosaghzadeh؛ M. Shabani؛ R. Ebrahimpour


Determining Effective Factors in Cloud Computing Acceptance Using Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation Model and Davis’ Technology Adoption Model (A Case of Financial Institution)

صفحه 175-194
H. KardanMoghaddam؛ A. Rajaei؛ F. Jafari


Independent Fuzzy Logic Control of Two Five-phase Linear Induction Motors Supplied from a Single Voltage Source Inverter

صفحه 195-208
P. Hamedani؛ S. Sadr؛ A. Shoulaei


MVO-Autism: An Effective Pre-treatment with High Performance for Improving Diagnosis of Autism Mellitus

صفحه 209-220
K. Ali Mohsin Alhameedawi؛ R. Asgarnezhad


Time-domain Analysis of Traveling Wave Switches based on Time-variant Transmission Line Model

صفحه 221-230
H. Khoshniyat؛ G. Moradi؛ A. Abdipour


The Effects of the Model Predictive Controller Compared to the LQR Controller on the Optimal Distribution of the Suitable Load and the Creation of Balance in Microgrids

صفحه 231-242
I. Sayedi؛ M.H. Fatehi؛ M. Simab


Applications of Neutrosophic Logic in Image Processing: A Survey

صفحه 243-258
A. Ghanbari Talouki؛ A. Koochari؛ S. A. Edalatpanah

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