A Comparative Study on Anonymizing Networks: TOR, I2P, and Riffle Networks Comparison

صفحه 259-272
M. Hosseini Shirvani؛ A. Akbarifar


Polar Formed Histogram of Fast Fourier Transform Feature for Time-series Classification Problems

صفحه 273-286
K. Kiaei؛ H. Omranpour


Efficient GAN-based Method for Extractive Summarization

صفحه 287-298
S.V. Moravvej؛ M.J. Maleki Kahaki؛ M. Salimi Sartakhti؛ M. Joodaki


Energy-Efficient Variation-Resilient High-Throughput Processor Design

صفحه 299-310
A. Teymouri؛ H. Dorosti؛ M. Ersali Salehi Nasab؛ S.M. Fakhraie


Semantic Enterprise Architecture Oriented Test Case Generation for Business process

صفحه 311-328
M. Rahmanian؛ R. Nassiri؛ M. Mohsenzadeh؛ R. Ravanmehr


Resource Allocation for Full-Duplex Wireless Information and Power Transfer in Wireless Body Area Network

صفحه 329-340
N. Khatami؛ M. Majidi


Fast DC Offset Removal for Accurate Phasor Estimation using Half-Cycle Data Window

صفحه 341-350
H. Sardari؛ B. Mozafari؛ H. A. Shayanfar


Intelligent Transportation System based on the Whale Algorithm in Internet of Things

صفحه 351-362
M. Abdollahi؛ Z. Boujarnezhad


Enhancement of the Photoresponse in the Platinum Silicide Photodetector by a Graphene Layer

صفحه 363-370
A.H. Mehrfar؛ A. Eslami Majd


Robust Scheduling of Water and Energy Hub Considering CAES, Power-to-Gas Units, and Demand Response Programs

صفحه 371-380
M. Rashidinejad؛ S. Dorahaki؛ S. S. Zadsar؛ ‪M.R. Salehizadeh


A Survey of Deep Learning Techniques for Maize Leaf Disease Detection: Trends from 2016 to 2021 and Future Perspectives

صفحه 381-392
H. Nunoo-Mensah؛ S. Wewoliamo Kuseh؛ J. Yankey؛ F. A. Acheampong


A General Approach for Operational Bandwidth Extension in Spherical Microphone Array

صفحه 393-402
M. Kalantari؛ M. Mohammadpour Tuyserkani؛ S.H. Amiri


Design and Optimization of a Dual Polarized Hat Feed Reflector Antenna

صفحه 403-410
M. Bod؛ F. Geran


Improving the Diagnosis of COVID-19 by using a combination of Deep Learning Models

صفحه 411-424
I. Zabbah؛ K. Layeghi؛ Reza Ebrahimpour


An Adaptive Cubature Kalman Filter for Target Tracking

صفحه 425-436
R. Havangi


A SEPIC-Cuk-CSCCC Based SIMO Converter Design Using PSO-MPPT For Renewable Energy Application

صفحه 437-446
S. Mukherjee


Application of Harris Hawks Optimization Algorithm and APSO-CLUSTERING in Predicting the Stock Market

صفحه 447-462
I. Behravan؛ S.M. Razavi


A Novel Analytical Approach for Time-response Shaping of the PI Controller in Field Oriented Control of the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

صفحه 463-476
H. Salimi؛ A. Zakipour؛ M. Asadi


Adaptive Energy-Efficient Variation-Aware Dynamic Frequency Management

صفحه 477-486
H. Dorosti


An Adaptive Routing Algorithm for Wireless Network on Chips

صفحه 487-496
A. Tajary؛ E. Tahanian

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