Low Delay Time All Optical NAND, XNOR and OR Logic Gates Based on 2D Photonic Crystal Structure

صفحه 1-8
F. Parandin؛ M. Malmir


A Novel Method Design Multiplexer Quaternary with CNTFET

صفحه 9-18
S. Rahmati؛ E. Farshidi؛ J. Ganji


Utilization of CHB Multilevel Inverter for Harmonic Reduction in Fuzzy Logic Controlled Multiphase LIM Drives

صفحه 19-30
P. Hamedani؛ A. Shoulaei


Stock Price Prediction using Machine Learning and Swarm Intelligence

صفحه 31-40
I. Behravan؛ S. M. Razavi


A High-Performance Model based on Ensembles for Twitter Sentiment Classification

صفحه 41-52
R. Asgarnezhad؛ A. Monadjemi؛ M. SoltanAghaei


Designing a new robust control for virtual inertia control in the microgrid with regard to virtual damping

صفحه 53-70
F. Amiri؛ M. Moradi


Ultra-Low-Energy DSP Processor Design for Many-Core Parallel Applications

صفحه 71-84
B. Soltani Farani؛ H. Dorosti؛ M. E. Salehi؛ Si M. Fakhraie


A 28-36 GHz Optimized CMOS Distributed Doherty Power Amplifier with A New Wideband Power Divider Structure

صفحه 85-96
M. Mirzajani Darestani؛ M. Tavakoli؛ P. Amiri


Link Prediction using Network Embedding based on Global Similarity

صفحه 97-108
S. F. Mirmousavi؛ S. Kianian


Bidirectional Buck-Boost Integrated Converter for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

صفحه 109-124
H. Soltani Gohari؛ K. Abbaszadeh


A Preprocessing Technique to Investigate the Stability of Multi-Objective Heuristic Ensemble Classifiers

صفحه 125-134
Zeinab Khatoun Pourtaheri


Action Change Detection in Video Based on HOG

صفحه 135-144
M. Fakhredanesh؛ S. Roostaie

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