An Advanced Hybrid Honeypot for Providing Effective Resistance in Automatic Network Generation

صفحه 133-144
M. Amiri؛ A. Barati


Robust Passivity-Based Voltage Control of Robot Manipulators

صفحه 145-154
H. Chenarani؛ M.M. Fateh


Design of High Frequency Single and Double Gate Laterally-Contacted InGaAs/InAlAs HEMTs

صفحه 155-162
Z. Kordrostami؛ S. Hamedi؛ F. Khalifeh


Finite-Time Consensus Control of Euler-Lagrange Multi-agent Systems in the Presence of Stochastic Disturbances and Actuator Faults

صفحه 163-172
M. Siavash؛ V. Majd؛ M. Tahmasebi


A Novel Low-Power FPGA-based 1-1 MASH ΔΣ Time-to-Digital Converter Employing one Counter for both Stages

صفحه 173-182
A. Mouri Zadeh Khaki؛ E. Farshidi؛ K. Ansari Asl


Cooperative Distributed Constrained Adaptive Generalized Predictive Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Large-Scale Systems: Application to Quadruple-Tank System

صفحه 183-194
A. Mirzaei؛ A. Ramezani


On the Design of Coherent Zero-Forcing Receiver for the Flat Fading MIMO Multiple-Access Channels

صفحه 195-204
M. Sheikh-Hosseini


Using Convolutional Sparse Representation and Discrete Wavelet Decomposition for Satellite Image Pan-sharpening

صفحه 205-212
A. Sharifi


Decentralized Controller Design for Stochastic Gene Regulatory Networks

صفحه 213-220
M. Mohammadian


Frequency and Voltage Control of an Inverter-Based DG Using Adaptive Fuzzy-Sliding Mode Controller

صفحه 221-230
E. Limuchi؛ A. Taher؛ B. Ganji


Interference Alignment Using Difference of Convex-based Beamformer Design for MIMO Interference Channels

صفحه 231-240
N. Danesh؛ M. Sheikhan؛ B. Mahboobi


Fault Tolerance of RTMP Protocol for Live Video Streaming Applications in Hybrid Software-Defined Networks

صفحه 241-250
A. Oloomi؛ H. Khanmirza

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