Numerical investigation of temperature effect on water hammer with cavitation in copper pipe rig

صفحه 279-295
Amir Saidani؛ Ali Fourar؛ Fawaz Massouh


Numerical investigating of the effect of material and geometrical parameters on the static behavior of sandwich plate

صفحه 297-315
Aidin Ghaznavi؛ Mohammad Shariyat


Role of ohmic heating and radiation on magnetohydrodynamic Jeffery fluid model through a tapered channel with peristalsis

صفحه 317-327
Ravi Kumar؛ D. Vijaya Sekhar؛ Sk. Abzal


Fracture analysis of pre-cracked and notched thin plates using peridynamic theory

صفحه 329-338
Liela Abbasiniyan؛ Seyed hamed Hoseini؛ Shirko faroughi


Electrical resistance heating distribution on three dimensional Jeffrey radiating nanofluid flow past stretching surface

صفحه 339-349
Barinepalle Malleswari؛ POORNIMA T T؛ Sreenivasulu Pandikunta؛ N Bhaskar Reddy


Robust adaptive projection-based control of a constrained quadrotor with two manipulators

صفحه 351-364
Mohammad Mohammadi؛ Reza Dehghani؛ Ali Reza Ahmadi


Thermomechanical behaviour of functionally graded plates with HSDT

صفحه 365-379
Sidda Reddy Bathini؛ Vijaya Vumar Reddy K


Influence of material and internal support on natural frequencies of thin-walled cylindrical tanks

صفحه 381-395
Nabard Habibi؛ Yasaman Ahmadi


Numerical investigation on cooling performance of a twisted gas turbine blade with leading edge cooling holes

صفحه 397-407
Mithilesh K Sahu؛ Moughbul Basha Shaik


Braking intensity recognition with optimal K-means clustering algorithm

صفحه 409-423
Ali Mirmohammad Sadeghi؛ Abdollah Amirkhani؛ Behrooz Mashadi

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