Numerical analysis of the mechanical stimuli transferred from a dental implant to the bone

صفحه 1-11
Diana Martins؛ Rui Couto؛ Elza M M Fonseca؛ Ana Rita Carreiras


Free vibration analysis of CFRP cylinders with torispherical heads: Experimental and numerical investigations

صفحه 13-21
Meisam Shakouri؛ Hessam Sarvahed؛ H.M. Navazi


A CFD analysis of the effects of injection and suction through a perforated square cylinder on some thermo-fluid parameters

صفحه 23-33
Mir Elyad Vakhshouri؛ Burhan ÇUhadaroğlu


An experimental and analytical investigation of flange forming by spinning process

صفحه 35-46
Mohamed Elmasry؛ Hammad T. Elmetwally؛ Mohamed N. El-Sheikh؛ Ragab K. Abdel-Magied


Experimental investigation of EDM process parameters by using Pongamia Pinnata osil blends as dielectric medium

صفحه 47-56
Dastagiri Mabbu -؛ Srinivasa Rao P.؛ Madar Valli P.


Non destructive damage severity estimation in beam using change in extended cross modal strain energy

صفحه 57-65
Mellel Nacim؛ Ouali Mohammed؛ Dougdag Mourad؛ Mohammedi Brahim


State of the art in friction stir welding and ultrasonic vibration-assisted friction stir welding of similar/dissimilar aluminum alloys

صفحه 67-100
Satish S Chinchanikar؛ Vaibhav S Gaikwad


Investigation of process parameters for T-joint aluminum alloy 6061-T6 with nanocomposites material friction stir welding based on the Taguchi method

صفحه 101-111
Faiz Fawzi Mustafa؛ Sadoon Radi Daham


Effect of fuel injection pressure of microalgae spirulina biodiesel blends on engine characteristics

صفحه 113-125
Upendra Rajak؛ Prerana Nashine؛ Tikendra Nath Verma


Numerical investigation and optimization of the mechanical behavior of thin-walled tubes with combined geometric

صفحه 127-138
Farshid Kholoosi؛ Saman Jafari؛ Mahdi Karimi


Finite element simulation of crack growth path and stress intensity factors evaluation in linear elastic materials

صفحه 139-149
Abdulnaser Mohammed Alshoaibi؛ Omar Yasin


Analytical study of heat and mass transfer in axisymmetric unsteady flow by ADM

صفحه 151-163
A Hassanvand؛ Mojtaba Saei Moghaddam؛ M. Barzegar Gerdroodbary؛ Y Amini


Analytical study of induced magnetic field and heat source on chemically radiative MHD convective flow from a vertical surface

صفحه 165-176
Kanna Suneetha؛ Shaik Ibrahim؛ G.V Ramana Reddy؛ P Vijaya Kumar


Numerical study of built-in cylinders’ effects on flow pattern and heat transfer characteristics in a laminar channel flow

صفحه 177-189
Sajad Rezazadeh؛ Mohammadreza Mataji Amirrud؛ Mohammad Raad؛ Davod Abbasinejad


Research on the dynamics of a hydraulic static-pile-pressing machine during the process of lifting and slewing of piles

صفحه 191-203
Vinh Van Nguyen؛ Trung Ngoc Nguyen؛ Chi Thuy Nguyen


Experimental investigation of surface crack density and recast layer thickness of WEDMed Inconel 825

صفحه 205-216
Pawan Kumar؛ Meenu Gupta؛ Vineet Kunar


Effect of shear state on fracture of refined grain pure copper

صفحه 217-226
Saman Khalilpourazary؛ Mohammad Zadshakoyan؛ Seyed Hamed Hoseini


Tomographic reconstruction of isotropic materials using genetic algorithms with ultrasound time-of-flight projection data

صفحه 227-242
Nageswara Rao Boggarapu؛ Shyam Prasad Kodali


Solid-phase effects on the performance of a centrifugal slurry pump using computational fluid dynamics

صفحه 243-255
Mohammad Reza Aligoodarz؛ Mohsen Dalvandi؛ Abdollah Mehrpanahi


Bending of exponentially graded plates using new HSDT

صفحه 257-277
Bathini Sidda Reddy؛ Ch. Ravikiran؛ K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy

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