A Transformer Self-attention Model for Time Series Forecasting

صفحه 1-10
R. Mohammadi Farsani؛ E. Pazouki


Target Detection Using Multispectral Images, A Case Study: Wheat Detection in Chenaran County in Iran

صفحه 11-24
M. Imani


Improving the Security of a Low-cost Tag Search Protocol

صفحه 25-36
S. Saderi Oskuiee؛ F. Moazami؛ G. Oudi Ghadim


A Novel Method for Medical Image Segmentation based on Convolutional Neural Networks with SGD Optimization

صفحه 37-46
M. Taheri؛ M. Rastgarpour؛ A. Koochari


Deep Neural Network with Extracted Features for Social Group Detection

صفحه 47-56
A. Akbari؛ H. Farsi؛ S. Mohamadzadeh


Fault Detection in Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting of Human Body

صفحه 57-66
H. Yektamoghadam؛ A. Nikoofard


NodeFetch: High Performance Graph Processing using Processing in Memory

صفحه 67-74
M. Mosayebi؛ M. Dehyadegari


A New Routing Protocol in MANET using Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm

صفحه 75-82
S. Tabatabaei؛ H. Nosrati Nahook


Optimal PSS Parameters Design Based on a Novel Objective Function for Small Signal Stability Enhancement

صفحه 83-92
P. Naderi؛ B. Ehsan Maleki؛ H. Beiranvand


Fast and Efficient Hardware Implementation of 2D Gabor Filter for a Biologically-Inspired Visual Processing Algorithm

صفحه 93-102
A. Mohammadi Anbaran؛ P. Torkzadeh؛ R. Ebrahimpour؛ N. Bagheri


Modelling and Optimization of Channel Allocation for Power Line Communications Access Networks in the Presence of In-Line and In-Space Interference

صفحه 103-114
M. Sheikh Hosseini؛ S. M. Nosratabadi


Stochastic Block NIHT Algorithm for Adaptive Block-Sparse System Identification

صفحه 115-126
Z. Habibi؛ H. Zayyani؛ M. Shams Esfandabadi

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