A systematic approach for a better thermal management of photovoltaic systems- A review

صفحه 1-24
Sidharth Sudhansu Chakrabarti؛ Akash Pandey؛ Pratik Dhage


FEM investigation of drilling conditions on heat generation during teeth implantation

صفحه 25-35
Farshid Ahmadi؛ Rohollah Mohammadi


Entropy generation analysis of MHD forced convective flow through a horizontal porous channel

صفحه 37-49
Pooja Sharma؛ Tarun Sharma؛ Navin Kumar


Transient analysis of radiative hydromagnetic poiseuille fluid flow of two-step exothermic chemical reaction through a porous channel with convective cooling

صفحه 51-62
Salawu Olakunle؛ Abimbola Abolarinwa؛ John Fenuga


Investigating the effects of fuel injection strategies in a dual-fuel diesel-H2 compression ignition engine

صفحه 63-71
Ali Shaafi؛ Mohammad Javad Noroozi؛ Vahid Manshaei


Dynamic response of a shaft of a Pelton turbine due to impact of water jet

صفحه 73-84
Mahesh Luintel؛ Tri Ratna Bajracharya


Inclined Lorentzian force effect on tangent hyperbolic radiative slip flow imbedded carbon nanotubes: lie group analysis

صفحه 85-99
Sreenivasulu Pandikunta؛ Vasu B؛ Poornima Tamalapakula؛ N Bhaskar Reddy


Cooling a hot obstacle in a rectangular enclosure by using a MHD nanofluid with variable properties

صفحه 101-110
Milad Darabi Boroujeni؛ Ehsan Kianpour


LabVIEW implementation of an enhanced nonlinear PID controller based on harmony search for one-stage servomechanism system

صفحه 111-123
Mohamed Shamseldin؛ Mohamed Sallam؛ Abd Halim Bassiuny؛ Abdel Ghany Mohamed


Investigation of hot metal gas forming process of square parts

صفحه 125-138
Mehrdad Nasrollahzade؛ Seyed Jalal Hashemi؛ Hassan Moslemi Naeini؛ Amirhosein Roohi؛ Shahryar Imani Shahabad


Analytical and comparative investigations on counter flow heat exchanger using computational fluid dynamics

صفحه 139-152
Shuvam Mohanty؛ Om Parkash؛ Rajesh Arora


Numerical modeling of three-phase flow through a Venturi meter using the LSSVM algorithm

صفحه 153-170
Omid Khayat؛ Hossein Afarideh


Impact of thermal radiation and viscous dissipation on hydromagnetic unsteady flow over an exponentially inclined preamble stretching sheet

صفحه 171-181
Bala Anki Reddy Polu؛ SRR Reddy


The effect of turbulence model on predicting the development and progression of coronary artery atherosclerosis

صفحه 183-199
Bahador Sharifzadeh؛ Rasool Kalbasi؛ Mehdi Jahangiri


Operational trends of a mini parabolic solar collector for agricultural purposes in a non-active solar environment

صفحه 201-210
Moses EMETERE؛ Samuel Sanni؛ O Dauda؛ A Akinsiku؛ O Osunlola؛ A Adejumo


Numerical analysis of heat transfer in helical tube with the aluminum oxide (Al2O3) nano fluid injection in water

صفحه 211-227
Naser Kordani؛ Hamid Zalnezhad


Numerical modeling and comparison study of elliptical cracks effect on the pipes straight and with thickness transition exposed to internal pressure, using XFEM in elastic behavior.

صفحه 229-244
Salmi Houda؛ Hachim Abdeliah؛ Hanan El Bhilat؛ Khaled El Had


Characteristics of fish oil biodiesel with the impact of diesel fuel addition on a CI engine

صفحه 245-256
Deepak Kumar Sharma؛ Tikendra Nath Verma


Experimental study and numerical simulation of three dimensional two phase impinging jet flow using anisotropic turbulence model

صفحه 257-269
Hamid Reza Nazif


Parametric study on axial compressor performance in design condition

صفحه 271-279
Sarallah Abbasi؛ Ali Joodaki

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