Optimal design of a vibration absorber for tremor control of arm in Parkinson's disease

صفحه 85-94
Rouhollah Hosseini؛ Keikhosrow Firoozbakhsh؛ Hossein Naseri


Numerical investigation of thermal mixing of shear thinning fluids in one-way opposing jets

صفحه 95-103
P. R. Mashaei Mashaei؛ S. M. Hosseinalipour؛ K. Esmailpour


Optimizing locomotive body structures using imperialist competitive algorithm

صفحه 105-112
Mahdi Ghamami؛ Masoud Shariat Panahi؛ Maryam Rezaei


Effects of heat generation/absorption on natural convection of nanofluids over the vertical plate embedded in a porous medium using drift-flux model

صفحه 113-123
M. Ghalambaz؛ A. Noghrehabadi


Initial blank design of deep drawn orthotropic materials using inverse finite element method

صفحه 125-134
Hashem Zamanian؛ Mehdi Bostan Shirin؛ Ahmad Assempour


Optimizing turning operation of St37 steel using grey relational analysis

صفحه 135-144
S. Khalilpourazary؛ P. M. Kashtiban؛ N. Payam


Nonlinear static and dynamic behaviors of a microresonator under discontinuous electrostatic actuation

صفحه 145-159
M. Zamanian؛ S. A. A. Hosseini

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