Nonlinear Analysis of Colpitts Oscillator using on Differential Transform Method

صفحه 127-142
A.R. Ghomi Taheri؛ F. Setoudeh؛ M. B. Tavakoli


Fault Diagnosis of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Wind Turbine

صفحه 143-152
S. Khodakaramzadeh؛ M. Ayati؛ M. R. Haeri Yazdi


Design of a High-Speed and Low Power CMOS Comparator for A/D Converters

صفحه 153-160
F. Shakibaee؛ A. Bijari؛ S.H. Zahiri


An Approach for Solving Signal Cancellation Problem in Spherical Microphone Array

صفحه 161-172
M. Kalantari


Influence of Phase-Shifting Transformers (PSTs) on the Distance Protection of Transmission Lines and Improve the Performance of Distance Relay

صفحه 173-184
H. Sahraei؛ M. Tolou Askari


Realization of Ultra-compact All-optical Universal NOR Gate on Photonic Crystal Platform

صفحه 185-192
F. Parandin


Real-time Lane Detection Based on Image Edge Feature and Hough Transform

صفحه 193-202
A. Fallah؛ A. Soliemani؛ H. Khosravi


A Variational Level Set Approach to Multiphase Multi-Object Tracking in Camera Network Base on Deep Features

صفحه 203-214
E. Pazouki؛ M. Rahmati


State Space Modeling and Sliding Mode Current Control of the Grid Connected Multi-Level Flying Capacitor Inverters

صفحه 215-228
N. Ghaffari؛ A. Zakipour؛ M. Salimi


The Feasibility of Machine-learning Methods to Extract the Surface Evaporation Quantity using Satellite Imagery

صفحه 229-238
E. Norouzi؛ S. Behzadi


A High Voltage Isolated Pulse Generator using Magnetic Pulse Compression and Resonant Charging Techniques for Dielectric Barrier Discharge Applications

صفحه 239-248
A. Nejadmalayeri؛ H. Bahrami؛ َA. Bali Lashak؛ I. Soltani


Hybrid Method of Recommender System to Decrement Cold Start and Sparse Data Issues

صفحه 249-263
K. Vahidy Rodpysh؛ Seyed Javad Mirabedini؛ T. Banirostam

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