A Simple and Fast Method for Field Calibration of Triaxial Gyroscope by Using Accelerometer

صفحه 1-6
S. Ranjbaran؛ A. Roudbari؛ S. Ebadollahi


Improvement the Efficiency of CIGS Thin Film Solar Cells by Changing the Doping of the Absorbent Layer and Adding the InAsP Layer

صفحه 7-13
H. Firoozi؛ M. Imanieh


A New Model for Text Coherence Evaluation Using Statistical Characteristics

صفحه 15-24
M. Abdolahi؛ M. Zahedi


Compact Low Pass Filter Using Sharp Roll-off Ultra-Wide Stopband T-shaped Resonator

صفحه 25-31
F. Yousefi Moghadam؛ B. Afzali؛ F. Nadi؛ R. Zallbeygi


A Method for Estimating the Cost of Software Using Principle Components Analysis and Data Mining

صفحه 33-42
A. Saberi nejad؛ R. Tavoli


A Switched Reluctance Motor with Lower Temperature Rise and Acoustic Noise

صفحه 43-52
P. Vahedi؛ B. Ganji


A Numerical Optimization of an Efficient Double Junction InGaN/CIGS Solar Cell

صفحه 53-58
M. Feli؛ F. Parandin


Software Quality Models: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

صفحه 59-76
M. Sadeghzadeh Hemayati؛ H. Rashidi


Analysis of a Linear Induction Motor with Solid Iron Secondary

صفحه 77-85
S.E. Abdollahi؛ M. Mirzaei


Design of a Discrete-time Sliding Mode Controller for Nonlinear Affine Systems based on Disturbance Estimation

صفحه 87-96
N. Azam Baleghi؛ M.H. Shafiei


A Novel Method of FACTS-POD Design to More Enhancement of Inter-Area Mode Damping in a Multi-Machine Power System

صفحه 97-109
B. Ehsan maleki؛ H. Beiranvand


Cryptanalysis of R2AP an Ultralightweight Authentication Protocol for RFID

صفحه 111-118
M. Safkhani

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