Depuration‎ based Efficient Coverage Mechanism for ‎Wireless Sensor Network

صفحه 145-160
S. Ashraf؛ T. Ahmed؛ Z. Aslam؛ D. Muhammad؛ A. Yahya؛ M. Shuaeeb


Quantitative Assessment of Transformation Based Satellite Image Pan-sharpening Algorithms

صفحه 161-168
F. Tabib Mahmoudi؛ A. Karami


An Energy Efficient Fault Tolerance Technique Based on Load Balancing Algorithm for High-Performance Computing in Cloud Computing

صفحه 169-182
H. Jahanpour؛ H. Barati؛ A. Mehranzadeh


NSE-PSO: Toward an Effective Model Using Optimization Algorithm and Sampling Methods for Text Classification

صفحه 183-192
R. Asgarnezhad؛ A. Monadjemi؛ M. SoltanAghaei


Parallel and Exact Method for Solving n-Similarity Problem

صفحه 193-200
M. Mirhosseini؛ M. Fazlali


Coordinated Model Predictive DC-Link Voltage, Current, and Electromagnetic Torque Control of Wind Turbine with DFIG under Grid Faults

صفحه 201-218
Z. Dehghani Arani؛ S. A. Taher؛ M. H. Karimi؛ M. Rahimi


A Novel Hybrid Genetic Algorithm to Predict Students' Academic Performance

صفحه 219-232
Y. Rohani؛ Z. Torabi؛ S. Kianian


An Efficient Configuration for Energy Hub to Peak Reduction Considering Demand Response Using Metaheuristic Automatic Data Clustering

صفحه 233-254
H. Hosseinnejad؛ S. Galvani؛ P. Alemi


Design of a Microstrip Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Using Novel Loaded Asymmetric Two Coupled Lines for WLAN Applications

صفحه 255-262
R. Salmani؛ A. Bijari؛ S. H. Zahiri


Using Machine Learning Methods for Automatic Bug Assignment to Developers

صفحه 263-272
M. Yousefi؛ R. Akbari؛ S. M. R. Moosavi


A New Clustering Algorithm for Attributive Graphs through Information Diffusion Approaches

صفحه 273-284
S. Kianian؛ S. Farzi؛ H. Samak


Real-time Implementation of Sliding Mode Control for Cascaded Doubly Fed Induction Generator in both Islanded and Grid Connected Modes

صفحه 285-296
H. Zahedi؛ G. Arab Markadeh؛ S. Taghipour

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