Favorable Plug Shape of an Aerospike Nozzle in Design, Over and Under Expansion Conditions

صفحه 1-14
ava shahrokhi؛ sahar noori


A comparison between modal damping ratios identified by NExT-ERA and frequency domain impact test

صفحه 15-24
Ali Nouri؛ Sajad Hajirezaee


Three-Dimensional Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer of a Dusty Fluid Towards a Stretching Sheet with Convective Boundary Conditions

صفحه 25-38
Prasannakumara B.C؛ Shashikumar N.S؛ Archana M


Analysis of deep drawing process to predict the forming severity considering inverse finite element and extended strain-based forming limit diagram

صفحه 39-48
Mehdi Bostan Shirin؛ Ramin Hashemi؛ Ahmad Assempour


Torsional analysis of an orthotropic long cylinder weakened by multiple axisymmetric cracks

صفحه 49-60
Alireza Hassani؛ Amin Hassani؛ Mojtaba Mahmoudi Monfared


Effects of Different Turbulence Models in Simulation of Unsteady Tip Leakage Flow in Axial Compressor Rotor Blades Row

صفحه 61-74
Sarallah Abbasi؛ Marhamat zienali


Effect of Variable Thermal Conductivity and the Inclined Magnetic Field on MHD Plane Poiseuille Flow in a Porous Channel with Non-Uniform Plate Temperature

صفحه 75-84
Muhim Chutia


Evaluation of solar-chimney power plants with multiple-angle collectors

صفحه 85-96
hamideh Hoseini؛ ramin mehdipour


Experimental study on thermal conductivity of polyurethane resin filled with modified nanoparticles

صفحه 97-106
Ali Akbar Azemati؛ Hossain Khorasanizadeh؛ Behzad Shirkavand Hadavand؛ Ghanbar Ali Sheikhzadeh


Presenting Three Design Methods for Axial Compressor Blade via Optimization

صفحه 107-120
Omid Fathi؛ Hadi Kargarsharifabad

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