Performance evaluation of waste fried vegetable oil in a medium grade low heat rejection diesel engine

صفحه 101-102
M. V. S. Murali Krishna؛ R. P. Chowdary؛ T. Kishen Kumar Reddy؛ P. V. K. Murthy


Prediction of forming limit curves (FLD, MSFLD and FLSD) and necking time for SS304L sheet using finite element method and ductile fracture criteria

صفحه 121-132
Kamal Kolasangiani؛ Mahmoud Shariati؛ Khalil Farhangdoost


Effects of heat generation and thermal radiation on steady MHD flow near a stagnation point on a linear stretching sheet in porous medium and presence of variable thermal conductivity and mass transfer

صفحه 133-144
S. Mohammed Ibrahim؛ K. Suneetha


Numerical simulation of laser beam welding of Ti6Al4V sheet

صفحه 145-154
M. Azizpour؛ M. Ghoreishi؛ A. Khorram


Derivation of turbulent energy of fiber suspensions

صفحه 155-163
S. F. Ahmed؛ M. S. A. Sarker Sarker


Elastoplastic torsion of hollow FGM circular shaft

صفحه 165-180
Y. Bayat؛ H. Ekhteraei Toussi


Investigating electrochemical drilling (ECD) using statistical and soft computing techniques

صفحه 181-191
Mehdi Tajdari؛ Saeed Zare Chavoshi

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب